To light a fireTeaching about Fire’s Role in Nature

Over the last 15 years the southern US has experienced some of our most active wildfire seasons on record. When educators gain a better understanding of fire ecology, prescribed fire, and ways to prevent wildfires, they share this information with their students. FISE gives educators the background knowledge, skills, and materials they need to teach about fire in Florida.

Free Materials

The interdisciplinary curriculum contains 13 hands-on activities for students in grades 3-12. Activities include reading passages and assessment questions to improve and measure comprehension. Posters, videos, teaching PowerPoints, background information, and clear instructions help educators teach about fire even if they are new to the topic. All activities are correlated to FL and GA state education standards, including Common Core standards, and all include standardized testing preparation questions and scoring rubrics.

Free Interactive Training Workshops

Fun, interactive training workshops are offered free throughout Florida and will soon be offered in Georgia. In each workshop, educators participate in activities from the curriculum, visit an area managed with prescribed fire, meet and learn from a Forest Service representative, and get in-depth information about fire’s natural role in nature. Inservice and continuing education credits are available to classroom teachers.

For Educators of All Types

FISE can be taught indoors or outdoors in classrooms, nature centers, museum and science centers, and camps. Workshops and materials are free for educators of all types: teachers, nature center or park staff, home school parents, Scout and 4-H leaders, camp counselors, and anyone else that wants to teach about fire.

Proven Results

Since 2001, FISE has reached more than 3,200 educators and more than 90% of Florida counties. Pre- and post-workshop surveys continue to show statistically significant improvements in educator knowledge and attitudes about fire ecology topics.

View the 2010-2011 Final Report

Fire In Southern Ecosystems Education Program
A training program giving educators the tools to teach about fire.
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